Short Essay Guidelines

For essays that aren’t argumentative or persuasive, focus on leaving readers with a strong final impression—whatever message you want them to take away from your words. If the reader doesn’t see you as an expert on your topic, then you need to show that your ideas are reinforced by credible voices—experts in the field of your topic. Now, think of writing that argument essaylike it’s a family conversation at Thanksgiving dinner. Every person at that table has an opinion about your topic, and you do too. If this is uncharted territory, then it’s time to get acquainted with proper research techniques that will support your ideas, particularly if you’re writing an argumentative paper.

If you’re struggling with the opening, follow the lead of other writers and skip it for the moment. Many writers begin with the body and conclusion and come back to the introduction later. It’s a useful, time-efficient approach if you find yourself stuck in those first few words.

Short Essay Examples

What about the format, citations, structure, and language of your 5-paragraph paper? Here, you should consider each of those elements in the context of the type, purpose, and subject matter of the essay assigned. For instance, the main idea is to convince the reader. Then, you are to apply different means of reasonable and persuasive communication.

Or, if there is an argument in focus, you have to look for a reliable piece of evidence for supporting your central message. The answer is around 4 pages single spaced, and 8 pages double spaced.

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Your word processing software and settings may result in slightly different pages counts, but with conventional page margins and a 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font you can expect similar output. Examples of 2000 word count pages might be longer for blog posts, college essays or term papers, and operating manuals.

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